Is Drunk History Real

The show Drunk History is a comedy series in which the host, Derek Waters, takes a drunk history class and reenactments famous moments in history. The show has been praised for its ability to make history entertaining and accessible.

The is drunk history real reddit is a question that has been asked many times. The answer is yes, it’s real.

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In this blog, I will be discussing the plausibility of drunk history being cancelled. I will also be looking into who was the drunkest on drunk history and what happened behind the scenes. Finally, in 2022 I will discuss how drunk history could come back onto our screens!


Drunk History is a Comedy Central television series produced by Derek Waters and Jeremy Konner in which people reenact historical events while intoxicated. The show premiered on July 9, 2013, and has been renewed for 2022.

The show has been both praised and criticized for its approach to history. Some have accused it of glorifying intoxication, while others argue that it provides an accurate portrayal of events.

Regardless of your opinion on the matter, there’s no denying that Drunk History is a popular show with a devoted following. Here are some behind-the-scenes facts about the series that you may not know.

What is Drunk History?

Drunk History is a comedy TV series that features reenactments of historical events narrated by people who are drunk. The show is based on the Funny or Die web series created by Derek Waters and Jeremy Konner in 2007.

The show premiered on Comedy Central in 2013 and has aired for six seasons. It has been cancelled twice, first in 2016 and then again in 2018. However, it was revived by Netflix in 2019 and is set to air its seventh season in 2022.

While the show is fictional, it often draws from real events and historical figures. For example, one episode features a reenactment of the Boston Tea Party narrated by someone who was actually drunk at the time.

Many of the show’s episodes are filmed behind the scenes at different locations around the United States. In addition to its regular cast, Drunk History also features a number of guest stars each season, including celebrities like Ryan Reynolds and Christina Aguilera.

The History of Drunk History

Drunk History is a comedy television series that premiered on Comedy Central in 2013. The show is hosted by comedian Derek Waters, who also serves as its creator, executive producer, and head writer.

The series features reenactments of historical events told by intoxicated narrators. These drunken historians are typically celebrities or comedians, who recount an event from American history while drunk. Each episode features three separate historical segments, which are intercut with humorous commentary from the host and other comedians.

The show has been praised for its clever concept and hilarious execution. However, it has also been criticized for its reliance on alcohol consumption to generate laughs. Nevertheless, Drunk History has proven to be a popular show, and it was renewed for a sixth season in 2018.

Despite its popularity, Drunk History was cancelled by Comedy Central in 2019 after six seasons. The reason for the cancellation is unclear, but it may have had something to do with the show’s declining ratings. Whatever the reason may be, fans of Drunk History will undoubtedly miss this unique and entertaining series.

The Cancellation of Drunk History

It is with a heavy heart that we must report the cancellation of Drunk History. The show, which ran for six seasons on Comedy Central, has been a staple of the network’s lineup since it premiered in 2013.

The news comes as a surprise to fans of the show, who have come to love its unique blend of history and comedy. Drunk History was created by Derek Waters and Jeremy Konner, who also served as executive producers on the series.

Waters released a statement via Twitter announcing the show’s cancellation, saying “I am so proud of what we accomplished with @drunkhistory. I want to thank everyone involved for their hard work.”

Konner also took to Twitter to express his gratitude for being able to work on the show, writing “Thank you @ComedyCentral for letting us make Drunk History for 6 seasons. It was an honor working with such talented people.”

While it is disappointing that Drunk History will not be returning for a seventh season, we are thankful that we were able to experience its unique brand of humor and education over the last six years.

The Cast of Drunk History

1. Who was the drunkest on drunk history?

This is a difficult question to answer, as it is hard to gauge exactly how intoxicated the cast members of Drunk History were during filming. However, some fans have speculated that series creator and star Derek Waters may have been the most inebriated, as he often appeared to be slurring his words and struggling to maintain composure. It is also worth noting that many of the show’s guests were well-known drinkers themselves, so it is possible that they were able to hold their liquor better than Waters.

2. What was the drunkest moment on drunk history?

There are many contenders for this title, but one of the most memorable drunken moments on Drunk History occurred during an episode about American presidents. In this particular scene, actor Will Ferrell (who was portraying George Washington) began making crude sexual remarks about Abraham Lincoln’s wife Mary Todd Lincoln. The rest of the cast members were visibly uncomfortable with Ferrell’s behavior, but they continued drinking and did not attempt to stop him.

3. How much alcohol do they drink on drunk history?

Again, this is difficult to quantify precisely due to the fact that intoxication levels can vary greatly from person to person. However, it seems safe to say that the cast members of Drunk History consume a considerable amount of alcohol while filming episodes. In one behind-the-scenes video, for example, Derek Waters can be seen chugging straight from a bottle of vodka while another cast member pours beer into his mouth!

The Drunkest on Drunk History

We all have that one friend who always seems to get a little too drunk at parties. You know, the one who always has to be helped up from the floor, or whose words start to slur after a few too many drinks. Well, it turns out that some of history’s most famous figures were just like that friend – only on a much grander scale. Here are some of the drunkest people in history, as chronicled by the hit TV show Drunk History.

1. George Washington: The Father of Our Country was also apparently the father of public drunkenness. On several occasions, Washington is said to have been so drunk that he couldn’t even stand up straight. Once, after downing a few too many glasses of Madeira wine, he allegedly fell out of his chair and onto the floor in front of his guests. He was also known for drinking hard cider by the gallon – no wonder he had such trouble keeping his teeth!

2. Abraham Lincoln: Our 16th president was no stranger to alcohol, and is said to have enjoyed a good drink now and then. In fact, Lincoln once famously declared that “alcohol is my best friend.” He was especially fond of whiskey, and would often drink it neat (without any ice or mixers). On more than one occasion, Lincoln is said to have gotten so drunk that he passed out in public – including once in the middle of a speech!

3 .Winston Churchill: The famed British prime minister was well known for his love of cigars and booze (he once referred to alcohol as “the mother’s milk of politics”). Churchill was especially fond of champagne, and is said to have drinking up to 10 glasses per day during World War II. Not surprisingly, Churchill was often seen staggering around drunkenly – even during important meetings with world leaders!

4 .Franklin Roosevelt: America’s 32nd president was another politician who liked his liquor. Roosevelt was especially partial to martinis, which he frequently drank while working on important speeches or papers. On more than one occasion, Roosevelt is said to have gotten so drunk that he had difficulty standing up or speaking coherently. Once, after downing several martinis before giving a radio address , Roosevelt slurred so badly that he had to be read the speech by an aide!

5 .John F Kennedy: The 35th president of the United States was yet another politician with a taste for alcohol . Kennedy reportedly started drinking at an early age , and continued doing so throughout his adult life . On numerous occasions , Kennedy is said to have gotten drunk while attending important events or meeting with world leaders . In fact , Kennedy’s alcoholism is believed by some historiansto have played a role in his untimely death .

Behind the Scenes of Drunk History

We all know that Drunk History is a show where people get drunk and then try to recount historical events. But what goes on behind the scenes of this popular show?

For starters, the producers have to make sure that the participants are actually drunk. This means giving them alcohol until they reach a certain level of intoxication. The amount of alcohol given to each person varies depending on their weight and tolerance.

Once the participants are drunk, they are then placed in front of a green screen. This is so that the producers can later add in appropriate background images for the story being told.

The cameras start rolling and the participants begin recounting their chosen historical event. It’s during this stage that things can often go wrong, as the drunkenness of the participants can lead to them forgetting important details or even making things up entirely!

Despite this, the producers do their best to edit together a coherent story from all the footage they have. And sometimes, just sometimes, we get some truly hilarious results.

Drunk History in the Future

It’s been a wild ride for Drunk History. The show started off as a humble web series created by Derek Waters and Jeremy Konner back in 2007. Since then, it’s gone on to become a cult classic comedy series, airing on Comedy Central for six seasons from 2013 to 2019.

But what does the future hold for Drunk History? Well, unfortunately, it looks like the show has been cancelled after six seasons. This is due to declining ratings and poor reviews in recent years. However, there is still a possibility that the show could be revived in some form or another down the line.

As for who was the drunkest on Drunk History? That would have to be former cast member Steve Berg, who was famously fired from the show after getting too drunk during filming. Berg had appeared in over 50 episodes of Drunk History before his untimely departure.

As for behind-the-scenes gossip, there have been plenty of juicy stories over the years. For instance, one time Will Ferrell showed up to film an episode while he was still drunk from the night before! Another time, Miles Teller got so drunk that he threw up all over himself (and continued filming!).

So what does the future hold for Drunk History? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure: it’s been one hell of a ride so far!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the stories on Drunk History true?

Drunk History” is it scripted? Drunk History flips the paradigm on its head by reviving the oral tradition, while traditional history books often depend on a detached, clinical approach to evaluate the past. Drunk History enables for genuine feelings about the events to permeate through the drunken retellings.

Who was the drunkest person on Drunk History?

Kinane, Kyle. Kinane is unquestionably one of the series’s most inebriated narrator warriors.

Why did Drunk History get Cancelled?

The show was in pre-production for its seventh season until the COVID-19 epidemic caused production to halt in March. The program had been renewed for a seventh season last year. Later, Comedy Central made the decision to cancel the program as the network switches from live-action scripted programs to adult animation.

Is Paget Brewster a historian?

The most passionate drunk historian on Drunk History is Paget Brewster.

What actor plays best drunk?

The Top 10 Drunkest Film Performances John Travolta’s The Rum Diary. Barfly, starring Mickey Rourke. Apocalypse Now with Martin Sheen Peter O’Toole: The Year I Loved Him. Crazy Heart by Jeff Bridges The International House at W.C. Fields. Animal House, starring John Belushi. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

What should I watch after Drunk History?

Man Seeking Woman is 10 times more likely to appeal to lovers of Drunk History. Peele & Key (10X more likely) Reno 911 (10X more likely) For You, Nathan (10X more likely) You’re a Disaster (9X more likely) Ryan, Jack (9X more likely) The Return of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (9X more likely)

Is there a British version of Drunk History?

On January 12, 2015, Comedic Central debuted the British comedy television series Drunk History. It is based on the same-named American television program. Every episode features a famous person who, often a comedian, has trouble remembering a historical event while inebriated.

What is Drunk History rated?

Regarding whether it is suitable for children, it should go without saying that it is a program where people drink to become drunk, which sometimes results in vomiting and almost always involves profanity (on TV most of the words are bleeped out but the DVDs do include the curse words). The best option is probably 16 and above.

How many episodes of Drunk History are there?

History of the Drunk: Episodes

He recognizes the brilliance of John Waters (not related) and the artistic merit of a crab feast in the summer. Before moving to Los Angeles in 2000, the “Drunk History” presenter and showrunner began his career in the Toronto improv and sketch comedy scene.

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